I was born in Larisa 1969. My father, Takis Tloupas, introduced me to the wonderful world of photography from an early age.

I grew up in a house that was connected to my dad´s shop, with photographs to be an integral part of our lives.

The darkroom was an easily accessible room for me, but also a mysterious place that offered me moments of calm and concentration in combination with the unique magic that caused me the look of film and printing photos.

After finishing school I went to Athens, where he studied the art of photography.

After finishing my studies I returned in Larissa and I started my own own Photography Studio with the full support and guidance of my father.

I am still moved with black and white portraits and the forms of human bodies which are the main source of inspiration for my photographic creations.

While having in my hands the valuable photographic archive of my father, I am dealing with the maintenance and archiving in order to become easily accessible so everyone can see my fathers rich work.

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